Power distribution

Optimum solutions offering maximum uptime

Rail systems, fuse holders and switches from leading German manufacturer Wöhner provide ideal power distribution solutions in terms of installation rate, overview, the space required and wiring. Maximum uptime is key, as components can be replaced while powered up. Duelco and Wöhner give you a complete range from 360 to 2000 A, whether you are installing rail systems or mounting plates.


Copper solutions

Effective power distribution

Duelco maintains a broad range of power distribution products; insulators, rail holders and various cable connection products for copper and aluminium, regardless of whether the cables are round, solid or flexible copper. You can also draw on our knowledge of lightning protection, equipotential bonding and power flow in wind turbines, for example, where major material challenges are presented in the form of vibration, temperature fluctuation and shock. We offer the following products for power distribution in the electrical panel: insulating halogen-free, flexible copper busbars, connectors and junctions, flexible copper, copper braid with or without insulation and earthing straps/equipotential bonding.


Cable access

A sustainable solution from A to Z

Duelco offers a range of solutions for when cables have to be routed into control cabinets. From simple solutions involving cable unions in metric and PG sizes, plastic or brass unions, EMC unions or Eex unions to prefabricated cables with connectors that are fed seamlessly into the cabinet and then ìencasedî practically and elegantly. The use of these connectors is increasing as frequency converters, server drivers, etc. become more widespread.


Machine safety​

When high-quality safety is a must

As a manufacturer of safety and emergency stop relays on analogue and PLC platforms, Duelco has extensive knowledge of products, components, standards and market requirements. This allows us to offer complete machine safety programmes, so with Duelco as your turnkey supplier you will need only one partner ñ that much is certain. Our safety programme also includes everything you need for peripheral security: door contacts, pushbuttons, trims, safety mats, bumpers, light curtains, light barriers, limit switches, safety systems, magnetic switches, RFIDs, alarm devices and signal lamps.


Cabinet climate control

Climate change?
We can handle it!

Den klarer vi!

Too hot, cold, damp or dry? The more complicated and compact IT and electronics solutions become, the more stringent the demands for efficient climate control. Duelco guarantees you products and solutions that supply balanced cabinet climate control based on high-quality thermostats/hydrostats, heating solutions, fans, heat exchangers and refrigeration units that are reliable and have undergone thorough testing. For the sake of the correct climate.


Push buttons

Manual sensor buttons, LED signal lights and level sensors

Capacitive manual sensor buttons and optical sensors.


Corrosion protection

Protect your valuables from rust and corrosion

Duelco looks after your valuable items. We have everything for corrosion prevention, corrosion removal, coolant additives, cleaning fluids for flushing baths, oils, packaging and capsules. It also maintains the inner lining of signs and prevents rust during storage of metal parts in the form of semi-finished products, machine parts, etc. The VCI concept (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) protects electrical equipment, control systems, machines and computers.


Cable attachment

Strain relief and cable attachment solutions

Duelco supplies solutions for strain relief, EMC screen connectors and cable attachment in connection with short-circuiting occurring in and around cables. We have the perfect solution on the shelf, whether you need small signal cables or powerful supply cables, shielded or non-shielded.


Cable routing

Up, down, around and out to all corners

Duelco supplies cable routing and cable management solutions to suit all dimensions and locations. We are happy to handle the entire process on the basis of overall financial considerations, and we have both technical expertise and many years of practical experience. Our solutions include everything from project design and calculations to delivery and installation. So contact us if you would like to know more about routing in the form of racks, trays, mesh cable trays and ducting in all materials.


Office solutions

Wires and cables routed with architectural elegance

Wiring and cable routing present particular challenges in the modern office environment with lots of computers, printers and other electrical devices. With Duelcoís comprehensive range, design, aesthetics and functionality blend together to form a stylish unit thanks to the integration of floor ducts, floor boxes, installation columns to floors and ceilings, installation ducts and electrical panels. Solutions created to meet customersí specific requests that are both discreet and user-friendly. In combination with Duelcoís power saving electrical panels, it is also possible to considerably reduce power consumption.


Electrical panels​

The right choice

Duelcoís broad and comprehensive range of electrical panels meets all kinds of requirements ñ and choosing the right solution can result in significant savings on power consumption. Our range spans high voltage aluminium power panels and panels to high voltage and data power panels in a rail, desk and table boxes for desks and conference tables, charging and school panels designed especially for offset connection, and hospital power panels, the most compact on the market.


Ward panels

Everything within reach 

Duelco produces custom ward panels offering options for the installation of power, data, patient call systems, gases, vacuum systems and patient entertainment. Our ward panels are developed in consultation with designers, architects and user groups. The complete range represents the very latest in stylish, functional design in combination with technology for the future. One interesting new development is equipment for what are known as Healing Rooms, which appear to have no visible technical installations.


Booths and equipment cabinets

Cabins and housing solutions for a bit of “weather”

Duelco cabins, equipment cabinets, enclosures and housing solutions are designed for:†

  • The telecoms industry
  • Fibre broadband for energy companies
  • Industrial applications
  • IT solutions
  • Transformer stations
  • Railway signalling systems

Duelco offers complete integration and project management from A-Z, directly to your site. Custom solutions are supplied fully fitted and ready for FAT testing (Factory Acceptance Test).